Frequently Asked Questions
Do you make the items or just design them?
We are a full service interior design studio, we can help you choose the style, design & colors you would like as well as fabricate them in our shop. We custom fabricate everything with close attention to design and detail.
What kind of projects do you do?
Projects can range from something small like a set of cushions to redesigning an entire layout.  No job is too big or too small.
Do you visit Onboard our boat or should we visit your design studio?
We can work both ways.  Sometimes it is nice to view the other style elements onboard the vessel in order to get a better idea of the exact shades of the wood tones and other fixed elements.  We will visit you at your boatyard, marina or dock with a truck filled with a “boat-load” of fabrics!  You can also visit our library in Marblehead with walls full of fabrics, carpeting and other accessories! 
How do I get an estimate?
Call or email us with your project.  We will assess your project needs.  We will try to pull from our database of previous work to give you an idea of costs.  If a visit is necessary for further information, we will meet with you onboard. Our design consultation onboard is $150.  This amount will be applied/deducted from your final invoice. 
Can you re-use the foam from my old set of cushions?
We get this question a lot. In most cases, no, we don’t use your old foam. We use a rule of thumb, that if the cushions are more than five years old we recommend new foam. In this case, There is still a clause we will put into our estimate that each piece of foam will be assessed for mold and mildew damage. The new marine grade foam out on the market today has many qualities that will extend the life of your cushions. We also apply an underling that will help the foam breathe. The foam is the least expensive part of a cushion project and well worth the investment.
What is your timeframe for projects? 
This is an ever changing schedule.  Of course we try our best to turn around projects when you need them.  The best time to schedule projects is in the Fall when we will have the winter months to work onboard without having time constraints.  As Spring approach we work with holiday deadlines, Memorial Day, July 4th weekend and then with customer’s vacations/cruises.  We do our best to make those deadlines happen.  A lot of times we have materials (like fabrics & foam) that we need to get in stock as everything is custom ordered before we can start a project so we are at the mercy of these coming in on time and vendors availabilities. 
What are the payment options for projects?
We normally require 50% down and balance due upon delivery of items.  We accept checks and credit cards -- we charge a small handling fee for credit card transactions.